New ChangHong CHiQ television product release! Great review look here

October 29, ChangHong to "wisdom restart" as the theme, held in Beijing ShangDi • Yuan center "CHiQ TV autumn new product release conference".

Wu dinggang, deputy general manager of Sichuan ChangHong electric co., LTD and general manager of ChangHong Meling China. With China electronic video association, ove cloud network and other industry experts, as well as Tencent, Huawei, Sogou, iflytek and other partners to light the wisdom restart sign, start the new product launch ceremony. On the spot, more than 100 authoritative media witnessed the amazing debut of CHiQ smart family's new products and experienced ChangHong's redefinition of smart life.

Extremely wisdom+big-screen, CHiQ wisdom restart leads the industry to start a new era

With the rapid development of intelligent science and technology, TV is not only a carrier of TV functions, but also a carrier of smart life.

Zou Wenhui, executive deputy general manager and director of channel operation center of ChangHong Meling China, addressed the press conference. He thinks that 2019 is an extraordinary year for the TV industry, and ChangHong has been constantly innovating to lead the industry forward. Now, the CHiQ extremely wisdom screen of ChangHong shine on stage, redefine smart life, wisdom enlighten future extraordinary horizon.

As the support of smart home display and control center, CHiQ extremely wisdom screen takes Tencent platform as social carrier, constructs interconnection with Huawei technology, enables mobile ecology with Sogou input method, and constructs full ecological connection and full ecological content, which is another technical innovation of smart TV.

According to Wang Di, ChangHong CHiQ extremely wisdom screen product manager, introduced, CHiQ extremely wisdom screen has four main functions, extremely wisdom -control, extremely wisdom -transmission, extremely wisdom -coalesce and extremely wisdom -play.Alter and interconnect to more scenes whenever you want, have fun experiencing FaceTiming and social using HD big-screen, achieve popular game access, enjoy the big-scree gaming vision.

At the launch event of ChangHong CHiQ TV's new products in autumn, ChangHong's high-end CHiQ large-screen TV products 82Q6R and the third generation of three-color 4K laser TV C8UT were also presented.

Continuing the road of high-end art television innovation, ChangHong big-screen intelligent television 82Q6R uses the Swarovski Cristal Art support for hardware quality. Entire IoT AI achieve multiple brands interconnection and mutual  control with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support 8K Dolby Cinema brings the users more than big’s vision shock.

ChangHong’s third version three-color laser new product C8UT, has improved color brightness, color gamut quality, spontaneous sound screen, comfortable for eye protection and artificial intelligence, also equipped with extremely wisdom function. It’s three-color laser is the only one, in current industry, can 100% satisfied the standard technology of BT.2020 ultra HD display.

High-end salon Industry.  leaders discuss the development trend of smart screens

CHiQ extremely wisdom screen uses powerful strength if smart technology, how to achieve “smart restart” and brings extraordinary smart life perception? During the high-end salon interview session, ChangHong’s multimedia industry corporation general manager of the product planning centerQin Jiangjun invited China Vidio Industry Association’s vice president and secretary Hao Yabing, All View Cloud chairman Wen Jiangpin and Tencent Bot Platform vice chairman Li Xuezhao give answers together.

From the perspective of the industry, higher definition, better sound quality, stronger processing performance, larger size is still the development trend of the television industry. The TV industry is transforming from being driven by product technology to being driven by products, applications, scenes and services. In this process, the market highlights the ability of scientific and technological innovation, the ability to connect users and the ability to provide ecological services.

CHiQ extremely wisdom screen equipped optical mouse touch application, provide customers brand new television interaction experience, also solve the interaction problem and provide a new path for color television industry. Support 1080p HD fast screen transmission, innovation and interconnection, build a full ecological connection and all-ecological content, will also promote the color TV industry to WeChat, QQ and other more open "big screen social" ecological extension, to provide consumers with a more convenient, more comprehensive intelligent home experience.

On site experience, made the industry’s first full scene smart life plan full landing

Wu dinggang, opened the wisdom gate and brought the guests an audio-visual feast.

In the scene combination experience area, the kitchen and the living room as the symbol of home are presented on the same plane space, all kinds of household appliances and furniture models are combined, and the application of large screen combination in living space is shown in the scene.

With AI+IoT’s technology maturity, television will be the future smart family big screen interaction center. ChangHong keen grasp the new direction of“extremely wisdom+big screen”, to the whole ecological connection and all ecological content for the intelligent TV, through the strengthening of social properties, to achieve multi-screen interaction, and believes that more user groups will return to the living room.

Meanwhile, the application of 5G communication and the upsurge of "8K watching Olympics" in 2020 will further promote the development of 8K ultra-hd technology in the TV industry, creating new growth space for TV enterprises.

Following the development trend of the industry, ChangHong, represented by CHiQ extremely wisdom screen, creates more high-quality household appliances for quality life pursuers with its scientific and technological strength, opening a new era of full scene interaction of smart families.